Filmen “Snarveien til Asia” vises under POLARIZED! Vision i Rovaniemi 29. november 2014. Filmvisningen og seminaret er organisert av Magneetti.

POLARIZED! Vision is the first event of POLARIZED! – a trans-disciplinary event that draws together artists, audiences, and organisations from the Nordic media culturesphere. The event focuses on using media art practices to deal with challenging issues that might enlighten and educate, or irritate and infuriate!

POLARIZED! Vision comprises two events: a seminar, and film screening/competition.

Following a call for submissions in which over 40 films were entered, the Magneetti Board have selected the works below:

Emilija Skarnulyte – Jubilee
Maja Hagerman & Claes Gabrielson – What Measures to Save a People?
Agnieszka Pokrywka – Jäätie (Iceway)
Mikael Ersson – Gränsen (The Border)
Kristin Tårnes – The Shortcut to Asia
Aarne Norberg – Cyklisten
Joonas Pirttikangas – Nyrjähtäneet
Sami Ala – Suomi F. European
Birgitta Lindström & Regina Veräjä – Tanja
Lars Persson – Looking for Joy
Arttu Nieminen – Gaia
Arttu Nieminen & Roosa Nevala – Kamina

The full programme for the event can be found here >>

A prize of €750 will be awarded to the film that best reflects the POLARIZED! Vision theme and spirit. 
The winning film will be chosen by a jury comprising director Miia Tervo, director Antti Haase, and screenwriter/visual artist Mark Roberts, and awarded at the close of the screening event.

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