BAR International – Pikene på broen, Kirkenes

In October I took part in Pikene på broens residency concept together with artists Ørjan Amundsen (NO), Natalia Egorova (RU) and Anna Jeromlaewa (RU).

BAR International is a fusion of 2 concepts – Barents Artists-in-Residency and Barents Arts Resources, based in Kirkenes and run by Pikene på Broen. The program is open for artists of all genres/ musicians/ architects/ researchers/ curators from the Barents Region, Nordic countries and internationally who are interested to explore the Barents borderland in transition. Kirkenes, just a few miles from the borders to Russia and Finland, has become Transborder Kirkenes, “the Russian town in Norway”, a gateway to Russia, a crossroad for political decisions in the Arctic, and a laboratory for creative solutions to economic, cultural and social challenges in the border region. BAR International focus is on the cross-border issues and issues related to the High North.

The program facilitates short-term artistic research of the region (1-2 weeks), and is aimed at new art-production and creating new stories about the High North. Through the residency artists get insight into and work with issues that are locally rooted, but at the same time have global relevance. BAR International is mobile, and residencies may take place in different towns and places within the Barents Region or in other countries – depending on a project needs. Residencies may be individual or workshop-based, aimed at collaborative multidisciplinary productions that may eventually be shown at the festival Barents Spektakel or other events run by Pikene på Broen.

Pikene på Broen, a company of art curators and producers, Kirkenes, aims at creating meeting places and building bridges across geographical borders and across art genres. They call their projects “Border-Crossing Exercises” and invite artists, musicians, architects, researchers, politicians and a wider public to join these exercises, both in the Barents Region and in other borderlands.

We visited different places around Kirkenes, Nikel and Zapolyarny. Here are some photos I took during the residency.

IMG_5673 IMG_5720 IMG_5753 IMG_5772 IMG_5775 IMG_5799

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