Everything was corrected connected
slowTV makes “Live Art” at Live Art, Kunstnernes Hus
22.01.09 – 01.02.09

Unconnected                              Connected

slowTV are a loose, ever-changing collective of artists and students who use television as a medium for research, investigation, intervention in and reinterpretation of a wide variety of supposedly unconnected events and concepts, both physical and virtual; from Lithuanian film festivals to Norwegian confectionary packaging design to new media exhibitions in Rotterdam.

slowTV during Live Art were: Kristin Tårnes, Stig Tommy Høvik, Sille Storihle, Hans Christian Skovholt, Jason Havneraas, David Lamignan Larsen, Daniel Theodor Jangmar Paulsen, Sylvia Kochanska and Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas.

During the five days slowTV spent at Live art in Kunstnernes Hus, successful and unsuccessful, correct and incorrect and corrected attempts were made to intervene between performances and other works in the exhisting program.
Their Manifesto was their gospel and its ten treatise (which can be viewed upstairs), were interpreted as literal fundamental truth, allowing them to collaborate with invited artists and interact with the work of those not present.
As with past interventions by the group, as much was discovered about their own roles as artists as about the subjects of their investigations. This is our purpose.

Text by Jason Havneraas


slowTV in Vilnius
June 2008
Guggenheim Visibility Study
videotrailer, 4 min


slowTV at Forum1 in Trondheim
December 2006
video 3 min

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